Nano Nails turns long fingernails into touch-screen stylii

Soon, fans of long nails will be able to convert your functional fashion statement on a touch screen stylus.

Nano Nails test version

It’s a fingernail…and a stylus.

(Credit: Amanda Kooser/CNET)

LAS VEGAS – Long nails and touchscreens do not get along very well. It may take some acrobatics nimble fingers to get in contact with the screen. Sri Vellanki of Tech Tips have created a stylus on-the-finger. It was a natural step to calculate then how to integrate it into the nail fashion clothing.
Nails Nano has more or less the same design as the Tech Tips tip and placed under the nail of the index finger. They will be available in either a total injection over a nail or nail tip. Expected Vellanki sold in packs of four or six for about $ 10. Could be assembled by the user or applied in a salon.

Nails Nano will not be available until around May, but got a taste of what it’s like to try products company Tech Tips. There is a slight learning curve where you discover the best angle to use. The reward is a great focal point for precision work that offers much more than a pencil.
Vellanki had a trial version of the Nano Nails for the rigors of CES. I got a good look and seemed to be holding up well. She did not want me to take a picture from the front, but I did get to see in action, working as advertised. It’s a clever solution to a puzzle technology and fashion.

Tech Tips fingertip stylus

Nano Nails work on the same principal as this Tech Tips fingertip stylus.

(Credit: Amanda Kooser/CNET)


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