Apple legal chief joins board of ski resort company

Apple’s general counsel and vice president is now on the board of a company that manages the ski resorts around the U.S.

Apple's general counsel Bruce Sewell.

Apple’s general counsel Bruce Sewell.

(Credit: Apple)

Bruce Sewell, Apple’s senior vice president and general counsel, today joined the board of Vail Resorts, a tour operator in the U.S.

Sewell approached Apple to Intel in 2009, and has been with the company for their important legal efforts against Samsung, HTC, Nokia, and others through patents and intellectual property.

The move is notable because a long period during which the central Apple executives kept off the boards of other companies. This policy seems to have softened since the adoption of co-founder and former CEO Steve Jobs. For example, iTunes and iCloud chief Eddy Cue joined the board of Ferrari automaker last November. For his part, the CEO of Apple, Tim Cook joined Nike’s board in 2005, when he was in charge of the operations of the company.
In a press release about the expanded role of Sewell, Sewell notes Vail Resorts was once a ski patrol team in New York, and spent some time between college and law degree from George Washington University Ski nationwide.

Sewell appeared almost daily in court during the trial of U.S. Apple with Samsung in San Jose, California, sitting in the same seat just behind the company’s external advisors.


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