BlackBerry 10 nets 15,000 apps in under two days

The company hosts two simultaneous Portathons, asking BlackBerry and Android developers to port their previously written applications to BlackBerry 10.BlackBerry App World.

BlackBerry App World.

(Credit: Screenshot by Dara Kerr/CNET)

Research In Motion BlackBerry 10 app market will have thousands of other programs, thanks to the company ran two events over the weekend.

The event saw 15,000 net contributions app for RIM BlackBerry 10, within a period of 37.5 hours, according to Alec Saunders, vice president of developer relations. The events were called Portathons, with a focus on Community 10 and the other on BlackBerry Android developers. In both cases, developers were asked to move their applications already developed for BlackBerry 10.

RIM has organized similar events in the past. The company makes sure to get developers to work with other platforms – particularly Android – to bring their programs for its new operating system. To get more developers to participate, RIM offers them $ 100 app approved. Those who get a variety of applications approved will receive a cash prize and a BlackBerry device 10 Alpha Dev.

RIM has made it clear that you are betting big on BlackBerry 10. The operating system, which has been in production for many years, finally launch at the end of the month. It is expected to be the best competitor to RIM still Android and Apple iOS. RIM hopes that the launch will help to re-establish its brand in the mobile market.

RIM probably have a long way to go to catch Apple and Google in total applications available for its platform. Last week, Apple announced that its App Store now has 775,000 applications available. Play Google has about the same amount. Although 15,000 applications in less than two days is remarkable and even if RIM will likely have a large number of programs at launch, it may take a long time to match its main competitors.


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