Surf: BitTorrent Releases Google Chrome In-browser Torrent Client

BitTorrent Inc launched a torrent client named ‘Surf’ as a Chrome extension. This will enable the users to search and download torrents within the Google Chrome browser. With this venture, the BitTorrent can bring its file sharing protocol to a massive number of customers. It claims that the BitTorrent Surf can provide all the features of BitTorrent download without leaving the browser.

The past decade, BitTorrent has been regarded as the best option to transfer media and other data. Hence, much popularity can be expected from the new version BitTorrent Surf. The success of Google Chrome will also contribute to this factor. Torrent downloads being integrated with a browser is a significant leap for BitTorrent.


Surf: BitTorrent Releases Google Chrome In-browser Torrent Client


This extension is designed in such a way to include search engines like Yahoo, Bing and Google. The new design appends ‘torrent’ to queries for incorporating search engines. Even so, it permits the users to add their favorite sites. Surf can be attached with Internet Archive and perform the download of entire websites and videos with ease.

It is easy to discover torrents by multiple search sites with Surf. Also, it will recognize the search sites automatically. This torrent client imparts the facility to handle downloads and notifications from within the Google Chrome browser. File health estimates is an important feature of this venture by which the users can select best quality media for download.

The alpha version of BitTorrent Surf is already available on Chrome Web Store. Users can add it to Google Chrome browser for free from there and test its credibility.


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