From iPad toilets to alien apps, CES brims with oddities


The completely self-explanatory iPotty for iPad.

(Credit: Amanda Kooser/CNET)

LAS VEGAS – CES is a bizarre proposal: thousands of people trying to digest the news from thousands of exhibitors included in the casino, all punctuated by taxi rides narrated by the I-can’t-believe-it’s-not-butter item Steve Wynn.
And there are random explosions of heavy metal music.
Add to that ginormous cabins, cabins aloud, child full of cabins, cabins full of loot, and also cabins with nothing in them.
But in the middle of CES are the ideas, the lifeblood of innovation. And there’s no need to go far to find the far-out.

Just claw your way to the back-end of the South Hall and you will find suppliers of hand keyboards and smartphones with applications developed with the assistance of medical alien.
Sometimes these ideas are solitary inventors that appear on the edge of common sense. Men and women who are convinced that their idea, although unusual, respond to the need that we did not know you had.
Sometimes arise from some reason imponderable or simply the desire to get the electronics industry to lighten up a bit. ‘
Why should not your tools interact with you? And not all bathrooms are tablets?
Here’s to those brave souls who dare to think beyond, sometimes over the edge. We salute their uniqueness and crave more of their visions of what life could be like. Check out our gallery of some of the best deals refreshing CES 2013.


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