Windows RT jailbreak tool unleashed online

A tool available on the Internet could let any Windows RT user jailbreak their OS to run unsigned desktop applications.

Microsoft Windows RT

(Credit: CNET)

RT was recently hacked windows so you can run unsigned applications on desktop, and now it seems that everyone can take that same court via a simple batch file.

Someone named Netham45 has packaged the hack in a batch file that users can shoot in their RT Windows tablets. This trick allows people to launch desktop unsigned applications compiled for ARM based devices RT.

The tool takes advantage of a hack revealed earlier this week by someone identified only as clrokr. In a blog, clrokr explained how he was able to change a value in the Windows kernel RT to bypass certain restrictions imposed by Microsoft. These restrictions determine which applications can run RT as Windows Apps Store and desktop applications.

Of course, there are some pitfalls for anyone who just want to run the hack.

The value can only be changed in memory, so the batch file must be activated each time the device boots up RT.

The standard desktop applications are designed for Intel x86-based processors, not ARM chips. Any desktop program must be recompiled before it can run on the ARM environment. In his post, Netham45 points to a list of applications and recompiled to RT, but few in number. Another post provides a tool to recompile certain applications, but that process would be a challenge for the average homeowner RT tablet.

Microsoft’s response to the initial RT trick was cool and calm. People from Redmond dismissed the hack as any kind of threat, saying it is not something that the average user could or would do. The company even applauded the efforts of hackers but hinted that probably underpin RT in a future version of putting an end to this hack.

And now with a batch file for grabs, Microsoft is more likely to try to close this hole. But the creator of the tool seems determined to continue the fight.

Addressing the question of whether Microsoft can fix this Netham45 said: “Yes and no, I can fix via Windows Update, but since we have the ability to reinstall from the recovery partition can reverse any Windows updates that release.” .

(Via The Next Web)


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