IBM crowned patent king for 20th year in a row

The software giant wins patents play again, but it looks like Samsung, Google and Apple will be tough competitors in the future.

(Credit: IFI Claims Patent Services)

IBM has always been known for raising more U.S. patents than any other company, but this year marks a milestone not only is the 20th consecutive year IBM more patents than any other company, but also made a record of a year 6478 only issued patents, according to the annual count released today by the Service IFI Claims Patent.

“We are very proud of this new benchmark in technological and scientific creativity, emerging from a century-long commitment to IBM research and development,” said President and CEO Ginni Rometty IBM in a statement. “More specifically, our patenting and 2012 the two decades of leadership that stretches are a testimony of thousands of brilliant inventors of IBM”.

Coming in second and third place were Samsung with 5,081 patents issued and Canon with 3,174 patents issued. Both Google and Apple made the top 50 list, in places 21 and 22, respectively. And while they were at the head of the list, both did much better than last year.

patents, had a 170 percent jump over last year. And Apple, which was awarded 1136 patents this year and past 1236 years, has had an increase of 68 percent since 2011.

“Google and Apple are clearly taking seriously the intellectual property, and play to win,” IIF chief executive Mike Baycroft told the New York Times.

IBM patents granted, about 200 were related to safety, showing that the company is facing increasing emphasis on technology in security and privacy. Other IBM patents were issued in the areas of health, analysis, cloud, mobile banking, social networking and more.

From 1993 to 2012, IBM has received nearly 67,000 U.S. patents. This year, 8,000 of the inventors of the company worked on the development of the record 6478 patents.


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