Famibot patrols your home and cleans your air

Ecovacs’ roaming robot is also a home sentry, communications tool, and music player.

LAS VEGAS – People are very used to having robots Roomba, like running around your plants. They are very popular as baby animals and vehicles as well.

China manufacturer of vacuum Ecovacs, however, wants more functionality in domestic robots. At CES 2013, and showed his Famibot Minibot, you can perform a number of useful features while you’re busy being lazy.

 Shown off at IFA 2012, Famibot droid is a service that can be controlled through your smartphone or Wi-Fi. Its main function is to roam around their homes and purify the air. When it detects a very dirty, like cigarette smoke, which will focus on area.Ecovacs personnel to test, despite interference from headquarters Las Vegas Convention Center in disrepair and was slow wireless commands to reply

 Equipped with cameras, Famibot can act as a telepresence robot when you’re away, giving video of what is happening in the country, or allowing you to chat with an elderly relative only, for example.

 You can also play music, and give remote control of connected appliances, such as air conditioning or lights.

Famibot also send alerts if it detects an unexpected person in the house, or if you collect the smoke of a possible fire.

 Minibot, meanwhile, is smaller Famibot mate. It has many of the characteristics of the latter, but not the air purifier.

 Ecovacs says the two androids should reach U.S. markets in the first half of 2013, with Famibot have a suggested retail price of $ 899, and Minibot a price of $ 499.

Not bad for a very helpful cans.


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