Libon simplifies all your communications

The French telecommunications company Orange is showing Libon at CES 2013, a communications application that lets you make free calls and texts to other iPhone users, but does much more than most applications of the category. I was given a demonstration of the company at CES and the application looks like it could be a winner.

As popular chat application WhatsApp Messenger, Libon lets you chat with other friends who have the application, but also has the ability to make calls to other users Libon-quality HD sound.


The home screen has simple looking icons making navigation intuitive.

(Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker/CNET)

The launch will see the application screen with icons start to see the latest notifications, contact list, your recorded greetings, a call button and a record button for sending text messages. But the interesting application is the way he puts it all together. When you look at your communications with a contact, you can see all messages and voicemail in one easily accessible place. But also automatically transcribes voice messages so you can read the relevant information when you do not have time to listen. While transcription is not perfect, it’s likely to be able to figure out the content of a message without having to listen.

You have the ability to sort contacts, but the feature seems to end.

(Credit: Screenshot by Jason Parker / CNET)
To make communications more personal, the application also allows you to create personal greetings for different people. The guys at the booth said that people communicate differently depending on who they are talking (as you probably speak differently to his friend that his boss does). At first it seemed an unnecessary feature, but it certainly would be nice to be able to have a serious voice greeting to some calls and other more informal for others.

One thing I found confusing in my gaze to the application is the sorting feature for contacts. With the rating button in the upper right of the contact screen, you can create a group, but instead of being a place to store a subset of contacts in place when it is used to create custom greetings (which is made a useful feature). However, it still seems as if his greetings to be accessed from this screen. The developers said that the sorting features have not been completed yet, so expect more changes to make it easier in the future.

Libon can download for free right now in the App Store or make calls and chat with other users who have the application at no cost. The free version only allows three personalized greetings. But if you sign up for $ 2.99 a month, you get unlimited voice mail greetings custom, and you will be able to call people on any mobile phone or landline.

Libon seems a great idea to do well with an easy to use, but I’ll have to reserve judgment until I get to try all the awesome features I’ve seen.


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