Warner Bros. to bring ‘Revolution,’ ‘Fringe’ to Netflix

The studio signs a deal with Netflix that will make the streaming service the exclusive online home of prior seasons of several shows.(Credit: Netflix)

Netflix and Warner Bros. have signed an agreement that will show the various streaming service.

The companies announced today that they have signed an agreement which will see many shows of Warner Bros. Television Group make their way to Netflix, including “Revolution,” “Fringe,” “The West Wing” and “666 Park Avenue.” According to the company, Netflix will be the exclusive online home to complete previous seasons of shows.

In all, eight shows are included in the deal, but in the future, one might add.

Time Warner, which owns Warner Bros., has been busy lately. The company recently announced that HBO, a company that owns, has extended a license agreement with Comcast universal control that will see the film of the study become available exclusively in the cable channel paid during the pay-TV window – the period in which kicks off after the films are made ​​available for sale on the download and disks.

The agreement struck with Warner Bros. Warner Bros. Netflix does not prohibit from making its programming available through “traditional syndication windows,” the company said. Download and replicas to sit outside of this agreement.

CNET has contacted Netflix for more details on the contract, including information about when the program will be made ​​available to the streaming service. We will update this story when we have more information.


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