Future goggles: Eyes-on with Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses


(Credit: Scott Stein / CNET)
LAS VEGAS – Cyborg, meet your equipment. Glasses Vuzix M100 Smart, a wearable Bluetooth / Wi-Fi headgear with a built-in HD camera and eye WQVGA display variable, are available to try at CES 2013. Previously seen in the form of non-working prototype at the end of last year, the M100 Smart Glasses will run on Android and iOS and then be available by the summer of 2013 (autumn for iOS, pending app).


The M100 Glasses intelligent are constituted by a band and a combination ear / eye.
(Credit: Scott Stein / CNET)
“It would feel like you are watching a screen the size of the phone, but the image floating in space,” Vuzix President and Chief Executive Paul Travers told CNET Bridget Carey back in November. “It ‘a virtual image beamed to your eye.” Vuzix As explained then, the M100 Smart Glasses would feature 720p HD video recording on 8GB of flash memory, integrated GPS and a compass, and an accelerometer. The screen has a float located in the ocular (428×240 pixels) WQVGA display. As Bridget Carey wrote in November, “The projected image is described as similar to hold a smartphone screen 14 inches away from your eye.”
I tried it myself at CES Unveiled in Las Vegas, to watch the video – a clip from the Pixar movie “The Incredibles”, and some demo movies and video telephony interfaces. Vuzix will be opening application development through an SDK. Glasses Smart runs on Android 4.0, but these applications will have to await the approval of iOS.
What will these competitors of glass to use for Google? Search by voice, perhaps, or for hands-free recording and video chat video unidirectional (you can only show what is in front of you, not your face). Or, perhaps, real-augmented reality apps Navigation. The variable effect screen worked surprisingly well, but I’d like to think that the use of these in any mission-critical space (or a space in which moving vehicles could collide with you) would be a dangerous endeavor.
The M100 Smart Glasses use the technology that will be seen in other products Vuzix even-see-through augmented reality glasses. The M100S is not cheap, but it is expected to cost “less than $ 500” if they are scheduled to debut later this year. Are certainly intriguing, though, and the effect of projected video works exactly as advertised.


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