5 Tech CEO to look out for in 2013

 2013 is here and the technical center has taken a step forward. With new ideas drifting off 2012 had improved updates to go with it. A variety of devices have been launched and companies jumped to the limits. Google has been able to show how high-end smartphones could be cheap while Microsoft jumped to the hardware segment. Meanwhile, the technology industry was concerned about the patent war between Apple and Samsung, which has led to uncertainty.

This year has more in Serbian for the technology sector. Let’s step outside with the leaders to see what is released. After struggles substantial restructuring, India has also seen the emergence of some powerful tech CEOs. Let’s take a look at the top five CEO technology to watch in 2013.

# 5 SD Shibulal


Company: Infosys

In the previous year, Infosys has not only lost its position as a leader, but also stopped issuing quarterly forecasts. The company also said that there would be the inability to manage up to five per cent growth for FY13 according to a report on Business Rediff.

Although this has been said, the faith that with a positive attitude when Shibulal made some bold moves this time. Going against what was believed to happen before, there will be a change in prices expressed in 2013. If you quit, the top management will try to overcome its high-margin strategy. The company, Shibulal also completed the acquisition of Magnetite, a Zurich based SAP implementation and management consulting.

# 4 TK Kurien


Company: Wipro

CEO of Wipro relatively face similar challenges. But beware TK Kurien on mining client seems to work. The company has seen an increase in its $ 100 – million customers 1-9. Wipro also focused desirous of oil and gas and by sector analysis. Needs to focus on offers of times on the numbers to reflect its revenue. Although Infosys has had a strong focus on job, income was not reflected.

Kurien completed with two years of tenure of leadership in February. Looking back, the first year was to restructure the company and get in shape, leading to multiple outputs. The Chief Executive Officer of his interview with Business Standard said, as seen in the current scenario was all an exercise in the previous quarters. With a defined strategy, the focus lied in its implementation. With a balanced approach, the interest of the company that if the strategy has been followed or not.

# 3 Meg Whitman


Company: HP

According to analysts, HP trouble could be a positive sign for Indian IT services. But the overall vision is to pull HP has always fluctuating, to another mode. Even after $ 8000000000 write-off, the company has brought stability Meg Whitman. This year also saw the transfer in the acquisition of EDS in 2008 with nearly $ 8 billion, followed by the acquisition of autonomy, which was $ 11 billion. The company seems taken forward with the merger of its PC division and printer, as the turnaround would take another four or five years.

In addition, HP is on the look out to enter the tablet market. The company has also faced difficult decisions to regain its glory in the PC market, which lost to Lenovo. Hope 2013 is a good year ahead for believers.

# 2 Tim Cook


Company: Apple

We have seen Apple capture all the attention in 2012 with some major titles. It ‘was a continuation critical for the 52 year old CEO Tim Cook after the death of Steve Jobs. In 2013, the war will become stronger andCook device may have to fight with Google, which launched its tablet and smartphone Nexus in 2012. As one of the four finalists for Time magazine ‘Person of the Year’ for successful launches of the iPad Mini and iPhone 5, the highlight has been with Apple stock hitting an all time high of $ 700 per share, compared to $ 300 when jobs died in October 2011.

Apple sold 5,000,000 units at a stretch and IPhone 3 million sets Mini iPad within three daysof its launch. However, critics say that neither of them showed new innovations.

Now, the new year has some formidable tasks for Cook. This is seen with Samsung overtaking Apple, Microsoft’s approach towards a computing environment and the growing acceptance of Android smartphones. Cook has to be examined on all this keeping an eye on Microsoft a step forward.

# 1 Steve Ballmer


Company: Microsoft
With the launch of Windows 8 in 2012, which is still a step forward in PC, Microsoft and Steve Ballmer will have a great year ahead. It ‘s too early to write off based on sales sad that he had to face during the holiday season and its inability computer sales bonus.

If Microsoft has to draw together the fast-growing market tablets, it is certain that the company should have his things to do list. According to sources, Steve Ballmer, the CEO of some task that awaits us. The first main objective is based on Windows 8 Living RT, the first personal computer manufactured and marketed by Microsoft. Secondly, the price list for the same.


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