Samsung’s first portable Bluetooth speaker pairs with NFC, can be wireless sound bar


Samsung DA-F60

(Credit: Samsung)
Samsung embraced Bluetooth and AirPlay speakers in a big way last year with the wonderful DA-E750 and its sister products, but surprisingly, the company has not rolled out a portable Bluetooth speaker – until today.

The Samsung DA-F60, the company is the first company in the booming portable Bluetooth speaker market. It provides the apt-X codec, which provides better sound quality, if your tablet or smartphone support. It also supports NFC, which makes it somewhat easier to connect with compatible phones.

The DA-F60 is compatible with Sound Share platform from Samsung that they have the TV speakers with certain Samsung TVs wirelessly via Bluetooth connection can be used. (Although the assessment of the size of the speaker, I can not imagine that it would sound good.) The DA-F60 has an internal battery, but Samsung has not provided an estimate of the lifetime of the battery.

The DA-F60 is to come in the first half of 2013. Pricing was not disclosed.


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