Samsung’s BD-F7500 flagship Blu-ray player upconverts to 4K, recommends content


Samsung BD-F7500 Blu-ray player

(Credit: Samsung)
It’s hard to new life into the stale Blu-ray category breathe CES 2013, but Samsung is it his best shot with the BD-F7500.

The Samsung BD-F7500 is the newly announced flagship Blu-ray player, including the company’s new “S-recommendation” feature that suggests content based on what you see. The BD-F7500, the step-up features are rounded to upscale its 7.1 analog outputs and ability content to 4K resolution.

Like most Samsung Blu-ray players these days, it has an integrated Wi-Fi and access to Samsung Smart Hub suite of streaming media services. More importantly, Samsung promises a revised, simplified user interface for Smart Hub, which has been plagued in the past by a cluttered look. The BD-F7500 also a new feature called “Smart View” that works like a reverse AirPlay, sending video from your Blu-ray player to a Samsung mobile phone.

4K Upscaling can be a “premium” feature, but it is difficult to get excited about. For all but the largest TV screen sizes 4K resolution (or “Ultra High Definition”) will not improve the image quality significantly. And 4K Upscaling in a Blu-ray player is also less important as any 4K TV or projector is installed in 4K Upscaling, so you do not need this functionality to your Blu-ray player.
Perhaps the BD-F7500, the most exciting feature is its dual-core 900 MHz processor. It is hard to imagine that other manufacturers can not compare to release the internal chip details, but faster working speed would be a boon for Blu-ray players that are often sluggish spec.

The Samsung BD-F7500 will be published in the first half of 2013. No price was announced.


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