SwiftKey Flow Beta Updated to Version Gets Bug Fixes and New Features


The team responsible for the hugely popular SwiftKey keyboard flow has rolled an update to their VIP community. The update is version beta SwiftKey flow. Besides the fact that a few advanced features, the update will also dish out a lot of bug fixes to previous problems. All in all, the new update is very good typing experience and excellence.

It was not just a changelog that SwiftKey came up with, but a whole list of what is noted and a complete list of topics to be. All information about the changes and the questions are updated in the SwiftKey flow blog. One of the highlighting features of SwiftKey flow is its ability to float in sets to a single word against, without the finger.

The prediction engine can even predict words as well as to integrate spaces. The previous version had a serious problem. If a single mistake was made somewhere in a word, to press the Backspace key to delete the whole sentence used to be grossly uncomfortable. ‘Save Set “function has been integrated, called flow-through space autocommit.

If you mistake it flows through to make room, the previous words, except the last, no, they are used to lose, as is the case in the previous version . twice capitalization issue is resolved, then the fixed memory error. you can download for smartphones and SwiftKey Flow Flow SwiftKey for tablets, and a new experience.


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