Archos presents connect TV: multi-touch device for Android Experience on big screen


ARCHOS, pioneer in multimedia portable devices has recently announced the ARCHOS TV Connect, the multi-touch “AndroidTM on TV experience” for apps and games. Connect the ARCHOS TV turns any HDTV into an Android powered smart TV offers full Android ecosystem with a specially designed TV touchscreen remote control.

Connect the TV, you can control your TV like a tablet – tap, swipe, zoom in, zoom out, or pass. Can connect to the TV user games, streaming video, video chat in HD, e-mail to play friends or surf the Internet all of their big-screen TV. The ARCHOS TV connect 4.1TM runs Android ‘Jelly Bean’ and is from February 2013 for $ 129.99.

“As a pioneer in multimedia Android devices we have a bigger, better way to enjoy Android wanted to create,” says Henri Crohas, founder and CEO of ARCHOS. “The ARCHOS TV connect provides users with a multi-touch, multi-media-powered Smart TV experience by AndroidTM.”

Key Features

Revolutionary TV touch remote control – a smartly designed remote control for every task pointer – Please state your TV like you would control your tablet with a thump and / or swiping motion.

Full multi-touch support – Control your apps easily with zoom in, zoom out and rotate with ARCHOS developed unique gesture controls.

Full keyboard with Android Shortcuts – The Touch TV remote control includes a full keyboard and Android shortcut keys with a button for voice commands and voice input.

Play Android games on your TV – the most successful games at your fingertips

Thousands of games on your TV – choose from over 700,000 apps and games on Google PlayTM.

Dual thumb sticks and buttons – Play all your favorite games with full gaming controls and dual analog thumb sticks.

ARCHOS Gaming mapping tool – map the controls of games on the buttons and controls on the remote control for playing virtually any game on your TV – most recently introduced on the GamePad.

Turn your TV into a Smart TV – Get a full web experience on your current HDTV Internet -. Surfing on the net from the big screen

Online video streaming – stream videos directly on your TV via YouTube ™, Dailymotion and other video applications.

Emails – sending and receiving e-mails or photos from your Facebook page with your friends

HD video calls – to connect with a group of friends or family members on a large screen.

HD Webcam – connect ARCHOS TV is equipped with an HD webcam for video calling quality.

LED – LED lights notify you when you have an incoming call while watching TV. Compatibility with all common video calling apps – video chat with Skype or Google TalkTM as family from the sofa has never been easier.

Multimedia Player – The ARCHOS TV connect includes the acclaimed ARCHOS Media Center applications, so you can finally take control of your home media content, including: Best video codec and format support – Read all your favorite video files with format and codec support including H.264 decoding in full 1080p HD.

Get Custom UI with automatic jacket Overview and subtitles as well as library organization even for files stored elsewhere on your home network – Media Center library.

Easy Home Streaming – Stream your media content on your home network either via WiFi or Ethernet.

The right connections – Features HDMI (cable included), full USB host and micro SD slot. Google Certified with full access to Google Play Store – With more than 700,000 applications to access all of your favorite Android content on your TV, including books, music, magazines and movies….


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