New Kickstarter Project May Make 3D Printing Affordable

Almost everyone is excited about the concept of 3D printing.  Besides the potential for meeting business needs, it’s just cool.  However, the price tag is not as cool with many products costing thousands of dollars.  That may change with the new Kickstarter project, RoBo.


A New Option

The new RoBo could become a hit with business and individual consumers.  It has just a month left in its campaign on Kickstarter and it has already raised almost twice the money of its goal. So, what has everyone excited?  Two things: price and convenience.

The developers behind RoBo say it will sell for $520, which is much less than other 3D printers.  The other benefit is that you can start printing within minutes of getting the printer because there is no complex setup.

This is not the first 3D printer to make its appearance on Kickstarter.  In fact, the Form 1 was the biggest campaign of all-time with the most funding.  However, it is aimed at a more complex market, whereas the RoBo could conceivably be used at home by consumers.


The printer is hailed as being one that anyone can use no matter what their skill level.  The low cost doesn’t mean that lower quality, according to the information on Kickstarter.  It is supposed to provide high detail printing, which makes it ideal for business use.  It is also easy to assemble and built to last.  The RoBo is designed for use for everyone from hobbyists and home owners to architects and small business owners.

You can go to the project online to see photos of actual items that have been printed using the RoBo.  The combination of being easy to use, affordable, while offering business quality products may make this a big winner with business and individual consumers alike.


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