Corning Set to Launch Gorilla Glass 3 Next Week


New Product of Corning Gorilla Glass 3 will be released on January 7, 2013. The launch will take place at the International CES 2013 event which will be held in Las Vegas. Corning is regarded as the best manufacturer of tempered glass for high-end devices computing.
The company unveiled its Gorilla Glass 2 at CES 2012.

This product was used in the most popular smartphones of 2012 as Samsung Galaxy SIII, Google Nexus 4 and Nokia Lumia 920. The list also includes many other popular brands launched in 2012. No wonder then that Gorilla Glass is one of the most popular smart device suppliers.

It is expected that the entry of Gorilla Glass 3 give new definition of this overwhelming popularity. Gorilla Glass 3 will be more difficult compared to previous versions published by Corning. Most previous versions had Native Damage Resistance (NDR) to enhance endurance. However, the new version comes with the improvement of 40 percent in the case of scratch resistance. Smart device users will benefit most from this new development. According to reports from reliable sources, the third generation Gorilla glass will be thinner than other generations.

It’s obvious that the new product is completely different from other versions and has the potential to attract considerable attention from users. The company intends to demonstrate the strength of Gorilla Glass 3 during launch. This will provide an opportunity to understand the uniqueness of the new product. Apart from that, it also shows the benefits of this product in multi-touch screens with large formats.


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