Windows 8: Tobii Rex Eye-Tracking PC Accessory to Launch in 2013


Tobii Technology is out with a motion eye-tracking technology to boost the efficiency of windows 8 devices. Windows 8 is already very popular with its powerful enhancing tablets and smartphones with touch screen. The Windows 8 devices including laptops and desktops can take its place in the competitive world with this gadget eye tracking technology news. It is offered through a USB device, called Tobii REX.

Tobii REX allows users to take full advantage of modern Microsoft operating system, without having to touch the unit during use. Eye movement is tracked out by using this USB device must be connected to the monitor device.

Drag and drop interface work can be very well managed with this new interface. But support touchpad or mouse is still a requirement to compensate certain actions not implemented at this time. This eye tracking system design works in tandem with new positioning of the eye and the tongue touches Microsoft to control the device in action.

There is no positive sign regarding eg mass production of Tobii REX now. About 5,000 test units are ready to be published by the end of the year. Developers who are eager to access this interesting feature would have to pay a good price up to $ 995 (Rs.53800 / – approx). The consumer publishing of the product is expected to arrive with a price tag more affordable.


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