Nokia 10.1 Inch Windows RT Tablet Coming in Q1 2013: Apple iPads Going to Face Tough Competition


Gone are the days when the Apple iPad was the first tablet that come to mind when speaking segment of the tablet market worldwide. The reason is that the emergence of a new era of tablets based on different operating systems and notable specs several major manufacturers. Maintly evolution of the Windows 8 platform, which is incorporated in Microsoft Surface, a major change that is expected to happen in the world of technology in the days ahead.

After Microsoft, Nokia, the Finnish handset maker, which has held the record of being the world’s largest manufacturer of mobile phones in recent years, also is planning to venture into the tablet market in 2013. This is true, as the new report swirled in the technology world media seemed to agree with Zacks Equity Research, Nokia will release a 10.1 inch tablet with Windows RT cellular connectivity options including HDMI ports and USB.

The report adds that the tablet is combined with a detachable keyboard and the next tablet will offer over 10 hours of battery backup. Adding further, the report has also suggested that Nokia will initially launch the tablet in the U.S. market Q1 2013 through AT & T, the country’s telecommunications operator popular. For some time, Nokia has been struggling in the smartphone business due to stiff competition from Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android platform. Despite partnering with Microsoft, Nokia has not performed as planned. However, recent Lumia 820 and Lumia 920 have performed better than their predecessors and are witnessing a shortage of supply. According to research firm IDC,

the tablet market is expected to grow by 23.3% between 2012-2016 with projections Windows based tablets to grow taller. Moreover, the market share of Apple tablet fell to 50.4% in the third quarter of 2012 from 65.5% in the second quarter of 2012.

Analysts believe that if Nokia manages to price competitive tablet that could create its own space in the tablet market. However, despite a decline in market share, competing with Apple in the North American market would be the biggest challenge for Nokia.


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