CES 2013: This Will Be The Year Of The Gadget Startup


“Microsoft Bows Out Of CES 2013,” read the headline. It was December 21, 2011, several weeks before the short CES 2012 and Microsoft just dropped a bomb: Microsoft was not going back to CES. Steve Ballmer CES keynote in 2012 would be the last. It was clear that the consumer electronics landscape is changing. As Greg Kumparak wrote to TC at the time, was the noisiest CES 2012 show in recent history. She was dying underweight ICT itself. Something had to change.

And change it has. CES 2013 next week is shaping up to be radically different. It’s the year of the launch gadget.

This year’s CES will not Microsoft, Nokia, Dell or HP. Press coverage of pre-show-has been very quiet. It has a pull no circle blur beens next iconic gadget. Traditional gadgets blogs that have nothing to talk about the show is shaping Because both differently. It’s no longer about the players and this huge rejiggering really excites us TechCrunch. CES 2013 could finally fulfill the potential of the series: to be the largest collection of visionary products and electronics.

It is worthwhile to remember that CES is a great event. I spent Las Vegas. Officially carries the show at the Las Vegas Convention Center, the nearby Hilton, the Venetian and the LVCC parking lot (which is TC booth). However, the press conferences are held almost every resort and hotel on the Strip. Companies large and small holiday homes, hotel rooms and restaurants, effectively distributing the show throughout the strip. For journalists, it is a logistical nightmare, so we started to organize meetings and interviews in our own booth (info here and here).

During most of recent history, the CES was dominated by the big players: Microsoft, Intel, Sony and HP. Purpose is a shift happening. Samsung and Lenovo are now the big dogs at CES. Sony is stagnant and HP and Microsoft do not attend as they change focus or something. Each end of the year, no matter what companies do extensive thesis, THESE kept growing. And growing. The CEA have yet to release official figures, spending countless hours mapping objective TC effective coverage, it is clear to me that show is bigger than ever. And why not? It has never been easier to start a hardware company.

Last year saw the emergence of new companies countless gadgets. The hardware is suddenly sexy again. Money must be made through the workflow easier to make feasible by many funds and made in China. As TechCrunch editor Erick Schonfeld recently noticed how the hardware is the new software. CES 2013 will not be on the big announcement tablet gadget or the latest hot trend (CES 2009 was all about netbooks). CES 2013 is all about the future be connected gadget startups.

The clock Pebble Kickstarter lit this summer and Apple has long been rumored to be working beens ICT SmartWatch own. Then there’s cookoo, Metawatch, several of Casio and Sony ambitious goal ultimately SmartWatch defective.

Several Smartwatches delete the lines that are connected to each assistant and personal trainer. Articles published in 2012 as FuelBand Nike and Motorola MOTOACTV and both address fields. No doubt about that and more new businesses, established companies will start competing models.

In TechCrunch 50 in 2008 Launched ICT Fitbit first model in a nearly empty field. Now, in the latter part of 2012, the market is quantified crowded place, the right to adequate housing to other startups and big companies like Nike and Motorola. Objective of the market itself is still hungry for more intelligent, smaller and more connected devices. There is plenty of room for more players as companies begin to address more than just simple moving weight.

SmartThings was another hit Kickstarter in 2012. With the promise of “making your smartest things”, the boot is the one carrying the burden on business to the Internet of things. The company developed a platform for connecting household items to a cloud service. It’s an ambitious plan, SmartThings purpose is not unique in this connected future. Other companies, from large to small like, and mocked released in 2012.

Belkin launched Wemo, iOS solution for sockets room control and monitoring simple. YC-alum ICT Announced Lockitron second generation locking system and carried Lumawake Kickstarter to raise funds for the dock connected iPhone 5 icts. The Internet of things is beginning to gain strength and CES 2013 will help drive forward.

With hardware startups So Many CES 2013 should be louder than any other program. Startups have common sense. They have to be loud to be heard. The bigwigs Samsung and Sony still absorb a lot of attention this year goal CES should have a different atmosphere. TechCrunch is excited to be there in force. We are sending more writers, editors and video production staff than ever.


CES Microsoft does not need the same way that Microsoft no longer needs CES. The same goes for Samsung, Sony, Panasonic and Almost. These companies are large enough to command the audience anytime year, which is why Apple withdrew from traffic racket conference in 2008. That does not mean that the objectives of the CES is dead. It’s just changing. And from the perspective of TechCrunch, is making a hell of a lot more interesting.

In recent years, there was really no reason to expect CES. It was a disaster of devices designed to fail from that companies should know better. Large companies were fighting force was not even present. MG was right. Apple “won” without even CESES last Attending. That remains the case this year, albeit at a lesser effect. Gadget startups are elegantly circumvent by interrupting segments obsolete gold setting – Introduction to entirely new product segments together.


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