Asus and Leap Motion Bring Minority Report-Style Gestures to Life


Creating a new input device and powerful computers is difficult, but not as difficult to convince people to abandon the mouse to something entirely new. As, for example, shaking hands in the air. You can either put them on street corners (bad idea), or together with a computer manufacturer. Leap movement made ​​it.

Imagine a Microsoft Kinect on steroids and you have a good idea of how movement works Leap. The motion controller can follow the movement in the air at 1/100th of a millimeter. But instead of watching you dance, jump creates 8 cubic feet of 3-D space is recreated on the computer and can be interacted with using hands, pens or random objects you find lying around your home.

Eager to get people using the product cool new Leap Movement announced Thursday that its motion controller 3-D will come with Asus computers. The controller will come with Asus all-in-one and laptops that have movement Leap app store pre-installed. Bundles and sold standalone motion controllers Leap should be available soon.

One of the most fascinating aspects of the application on a machine Leap of Windows 8 is that the Live Tiles can be handled without having to touch the display of a computer. CEO and co-founder Michael Buckwald told Wired, “On the basis of the experience of control of Windows 8, Leap can offer a better experience for a touch screen.”

The motion Leap embark OS X and Windows 8 ready. Support for ARM devices including smartphones and tablets will be available in the future.


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