Angry Baby Game: Motion Punch Launches New Game for Android and iOS Users

Start-up company, Motion Punch Studios has launched Angry Baby for Android platform. Angry Baby is a free game featuring Tobu, a baby who is going on a space adventure.

The plot of the game follows more or less this way. Tobu is a cute kid, whose toys were stolen by aliens when he was sound asleep. He goes on a quest to reclaim his toys. During the journey, the kid comes across a lot of obstacles. He even finds out that the entire universe is plotting against him.

Join Tobu in his plight to get back his toys by crossing paths with the aliens and other heavenly bodies. There are 20 levels for the game and more free updates are on the way.

The game was released for the iOS supporting devices iPhone 5, iPad and iPod Touch back in November. It is optimized well for all platforms and even offers support for full Retina Display in iPad.

The game from the very young entertainment company, Motion Punch, is challenging and addictive at the same time. Unlike other games available these days, there is no fighting or destruction involved. President and programmer at Motion Punch, Charak Almast puts it as fighting for one’s rights without violence.

Do you think you can help Tobu to overcome the aliens, raging planets and fiery planets and get him safely back to the transporter? If you think you can, download and play Angry Baby game from Google Play Store for Android 2.2 or higher. iOS users can download the game from iTunes Store.


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